Custom Build Chevy Nova
Featured Product - Covan's Classic Custom Dash
Custom Chevy Nova

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Update: Rear Suspension Upgrads for better traction - check out your options.

Update: Steering Column Wiring Diagram.

Update: Rear Tail Lights/Brake Lights Upgrade.

Update: Making room under the hood - Hood Options for the Nova.

Welcome to our Featured Muscle Car Build - a '69 Chevrolet Nova. We are going to show you everything we do to this car as we turn it into a radical, fun to drive, show winning street machine.

Pretty soon, we will have a complete gallery and online resource for building your own project car. We will have all the resources you need from where to locate your first project car to what the hottest parts parts on the market are. We will also document the build of this car so you can use it as a reference.

   Product Review - Covan's Classic Custom Dash    more information >

Covan's Classic Custom Carbon Fiber Dash Panel for 68 - 74 Nova's is pretty sweet. They have more than a dozen options for Nova dash panels, as well as most other popular muscle cars such as the Camaro and Chevelle. more..

Fenders off car to paint firewall & front chassis
Photo from previous owner showing original dash

Old Edelbrock carberator
This is what the interior looked like when we got the car

Fenders off car to paint firewall & front chassis
After installing the Painless Wiring harness

Fenders off car to paint firewall & front chassis
Dash with Auto Meter gauges mounted

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