Custom Build Chevy Nova
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Custom Chevy Nova

Check out the parts that were already on the car when we got it!
- 350ci V8 stroked & bored to 383ci
- TH350 3-speed automatic
- Transmission shift kit
- 3.42 gears & detroit locker
- Multi-leaf spring conversion
- Hurst shifter

What do we have planned for this project car?

- Lakewood Traction Bars!
- TREMEC 5-Speed Manual Transmission!

- Custom 4-Link Rear End!
- New Front Sub-Frame!
- 4 Wheel Disc Brake Conversion!
- Air Ride Air Suspension
- Custom Roll Cage
- 17" Rims & Tires

Special thanks to those who helped out with this build

- Covan's Classic
- Lakewood
- Painless Wiring

How can you compare this build to other cars?

A quick method is to measure the weight to power ratio ( lower is better)

Weight/Power Ratio:

Car Model:
Nova + 383
2900 lb
Z06 Vette
3200 lb


We are going to show you exactly how we build this car. From when we picked it up as a used car, to when we put the final screw in it and took it to it's first show.

When we bought this project car, it was a running car, kind of. The engine needed to be tuned and adjusted and most of the interior was removed including the stock dash, carpet, rear seats, and more. The rear suspension really needed help, and the body needs a lot of work.

This isn't a bad project car though. The engine and transmission are good. We made some adjustments to the timing curve, timing advance, idle mix, and other small adjustments here and there, and the engine runs like a beast. We will have dyno numbers soon. The engine actually only has about 1000 miles on it. There is a lot of slack in the rear end though, so we are going to show you how to fix that, as well as other components of the rear axle and suspension soon.

   For more pictures, visit the gallery:    more pictures >

We just installed a Covans Classic dash panel and gauges

Check out the co-owner

Photo from original owner

Illustration of finished project by Sean Stratton


  • GM 350 Block, Bored & Stroked to 384ci
  • 400 HP, 450TQ  5.7 L V8 Engine
  • Eagle Rotating Assembly - Stroker Kit
    5140 steel SIR 5.7" rods
    Std/Std Cast Steel Crank
    Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons - Inverted Dome @ -18cc
    Compression Ration: 9.7:1 With 64cc heads (8.7:1 With 76cc heads)
    4.040" Bore (Stock 350 Bore + 0.040 over), 3.750" Stroke, 5.7" Rods
  • Comp Cams Magnum 280H Camshaft - CS 280H-10
    Grind # 12-212-2
    2000-6000 RPM
    Advertised Duration 280/280 ?
    Duration @ .050 230/230 ?
    Valve Lift .480/.480 With 1.5 Rockers
    Valve Lift .512/.512 With 1.6 Rockers
    Lobe Separation Angle 110.0
  • Vortec Heads
    Intake Valves: 1.94” 11/32" Valve Stem
    Exhaust Valves: 1.50”
    Vortec Heads Can Be Machined To Max. 2.02” Intake, 1.60” Exhaust.
    Intake Runner Volume: 170cc
    Combustion Chamber Volume: 64cc
    Valve spring Seat: 1.300” Outer Diameter, 0.850” Inner Dictate
    Viton Rubber Positive Seals, Total 0.450” Retainer-To-Seal Clearance
    Max. Valve Lift: 0.420” which allows 0.030” retainer-to-seal (stock)
  • Holley 750CFM Double Pumper Carburetor
  • '98 Chevy Tahoe Custom Serpentine Belt System


  • GM TH350 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • B&M 2500RPM Stall Converter
  • Hurst Shifter

Rear End:

  • GM 8.5" 10 bolt Rear End our of a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
  • Richmond 3.42:1 Gears
  • Detroit Powertrax Locker


  • Covans Classic Custom Dash Panel
  • Auto Meter Gauges
  • JEGS Plastic Racing Seats
  • JEGS Seat Covers & Sliding Seat Brackets
  • Aftermarket Dash Pad
  • Original Rear Bench Seat

Wheels & Tires:

  • Keystone Rims
  • Stock Tires


  • Stock


  • Headman Headers
  • Dual 2.5" Exhaust
  • Borla 2.5" Mufflers 


  • Holley Blue Electric Fuel Pump
  • High Performance Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Cell, 16 Gallons
  • Stock Manual Steering Box
  • Stock Steering Column


  • Stock Front Drum Brakes
  • Stock Rear Drum Brakes


  • MSD Digital 6+ Ignition Box
  • MSD Pro Billet Distributor
  • MSD Coil


  • Radiator from '88 Grand Prix, 6cyl Turbo Car
  • Single 16" S Style Electric Fan

Chassis & Suspension:

  • Stock Front Sub Frame
  • Aftermarket front Coil Springs and Shocks
  • 5-Leaf Rear Leaf Spring Conversion
  • Lakewood Ladder Bar

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